It Finally Gave Up

January 16th, 2009 + 7:01 PM  ·  Kelpie

After all this time, my motherboard finally just gave up. It started shortly after the last song I made, and I was actually working on another song. It's to the point that I can no longer keep it booted for longer than 5 minutes now.
Since I got a BSoD, I had a bunch of dump files. My boyfriend looked through the dump files and thought it was multiple problem, other than the motherboard. The last piece he looked at concluded it was the motherboard. However, my common sense kicked in that if it appears to be a problem from every other component, then it's the motherboard, because I consider the motherboard sort of just that - The mother of all components, the controller of all components. And as he looked at the last piece, our conversation boiled down to:

Him: BIOS_CHKSUM 000f0fb0′05a487c0 CORRECT_CHKSUM 00000000′0000000f
your motherboard is uh
Me: Is what?
Him: done.

So now he's looking at some old computers that have been replaced for companies his business does work for. Hopefully I don't end up with something worse than this, because we all know how much it hurts my now dead machine to just do a simple song with 10 patterns. It would certainly be nice if I had a job for the $250 it would take to get me a temporary upgrade that would actually be worlds better than the setup I have now.

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