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December 23rd, 2009 + 2:12 AM  ·  Kelpie

Suddenly out of no where, I have a computer that my boyfriend has offered to share with me. Which is a BIG sign of trust, because it has a lot of things on it I'm sure he wouldn't want me to see. It's a Q6600 with 4GB of DDR2 RAM, has the same Audigy 2 ZS soundcard I had in mine, 8800GTS, and a 4 year old XP 64bit install just waiting for the day to die. It's a little quirky cause of that 4 year install, being across 3 different setups, 2 AMD, 1 Intel, but it WORKS.

Suddenly, I'm doing so much better than before. Somehow, my ideas are put to work a lot better. But I really have thanks to give to some... eh... relaxing, natural supplements... to help me focus when I need it and help me grasp my creativity once again. And my music just keeps getting better.

I'm quite satisfied with all four songs I have created, but all need work.

In this time, I have realized that my limitations were not at all my hardware. An Audigy 2 ZS is not at all soundcard I should have with the new level of creativity and music making capabilities I have, and same with my Sony MDR-V700 headphones. However, Fruity Loops Stuido is my REAL limitation, as it creates the boxy, flat, and low frequency response songs that you have heard from here. There is a limit, and that is Fruity Loops Studio.

So I thought to myself, I really, really need new software to play with, what do I use? I've tried Cakewalk, and it was hard to use! I've tried looking up other stuff, but they just seem like a whole new thing I'd have to learn, but alas, some advice! Ableton? Hmm.... I wonder! So I go and look at screenshots, get to know it, and realize it's similar to FLS, but is way more capable and more worth the effort of making a song. So I download the demo... And my VSTi's sound lively! They're not flat! It's like I bought new headphones and a soundcard, I hear things I didn't hear in FLS. It's amazing, and now I'm learning the differences that it does have before I start makings songs and transferring my already made songs over!

I'm extremely happy with how things are going now!
July 6th, 2010 + 8:07 PM  ·  ArpKnight

Hello. I hope your work with Ableton is going well.

Just thought I would let you know about a program for Macs called Logic Pro 9. It definitely suits the function more than Ableton in many regards (IMO) and is extremely easy to use.

Good luck!

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